Maybe you´ve seen before that people wastes a lot of time with phones.

I don´t blame them, cause if I had a smartphone, I think I´ll be with my phone all the time. Phones are sooooooooooooooooo adictive. I can´t still believe it.

They have applications, games, phone, messages, internet, music, photos, videos, podcasts, social medias/networks… But almost every person is always sending messages or publishing photos on instagram or something like that.

Every time I hang out with m friends, they´re always seeing what do celebrities publish on their instagrams or twitters. They don´t even listen to a word I say! Phones are fun and is good, but being addicet to it is bad.

So my question is: Why are people so addiced to that?

Smartphones are like tablets, but they have phone. So if you have an smartphone, please, don´t get addicted to it, use it, but don´t get addicted.

Question of the day:

¿What´s your favourite phone app? (Respond in the comments)




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