Sometimes talent is annoying.

Have you ever been annoyied by someone who has “talent”?

You must be asking right now what am I talking about. Now you´ll know.


Talent is something that we all were born with. Everybody has different talents. Talent is something you do well. Imagine that you´re good at playing the trompet, that means trompet is your talent.


Well, that depends of the talent. If you´re good at grawing, you can draw in your free time and places or events that are realated to it. The same that other talents…

See? You can use your talent, but not everywhere. Because if you do it, I promess that many of your friends and family are gonna be embarassed of you or they will stop hanging out with you. Well, maybe they´re just gonna hate you.

Let´s come back to the trompet example:

OK, my talent is the trompet, but I cannot take the trompet along with me everywhere, that will be weird, anoying and totally insane.

I cannot go to a familiar dinner with my trompet

I cannot go to the park with my trompet

I cannot hang out with my friends with my trompet…

Like my cousins, “their talent is singing”, they think they sing like angels, when actually they just sing well. 2 months and ahalf ago, I went to a familiar dinner at their house and they acted like this:

while going to the kitchen:             SINGING

while going to the bathroom:          SINGING

while sitting:                                 SINGING

while standing:                             SINGING

evey 5 min. passing:                    ¡SINGING!

OR, not only when your talent is something you show everywhere and to everyone, there is something worse than that…

Not to have talent, think that you have talent and show it.

That´s the annoyingest thing of all I putted in this post, I have a friend (I won´t say her name), she thinks she´s so talented at drawing, when I AM BETTER THAN HER AND SHE KNOWS IT.

She participated in a competition of postards (Participants had to draw the postcards), she asked the judges to vote for her to be the winner. (THAT´S TRAP) she cannot do that. Ok, as I said, she doesn´t know how to draw and she participated, but, the worse thing, HER MOTHER HELPED HER DRAWING. She gave her ideas, she´s drawn, half of the postcard… (THAT´S TRAP)

OK, if she thinks “she´s so good at that”… Why doesn´t she do it by herself?

I mean, she thinks “she´s the best, she´s a PRO, she know how to do it perfecly”… She should do it by herself, not with help.

Do U know what´s the funniest thing?           EVEN WITH HELP, THEY´VE LOST.

There are many reasons why maybe she has lost EVEN WITH HELP:

1. They were not talented and they´ve lost.

2. The judges got so tired of my friend that they decided not to vote for her.

3. Maybe my friend told somebody (cause she´s a snitch) hat she got help and then the judges found out that they´ve made traps.

Dear annoying people:

Use “talents” just sometimes, because it seems like you want to show´em that you´re so talented, when maybe you are actually not that good.

And if something you like is not your talent, don´t presume of it whatever you do, cause someday, you´ll lose your friends. Don´t U presume of something you don´t do well.

Question of the day:

What do you like to do in your free time? (Respond in the comments)






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