Interview to my friend Cova!!!!!

Hello, today, I´ll interview my friend Cova.

What´s your favourite song?

I don´t know yet, I really love Katy Perry and also Rolling Stones.

What do you do when you´re bored?

Lots of things:

I use to sit on the sofa but upside down and I shake my head.

Paint my nails.

I remember things that happened along the day and then I laugh about them.

Are you addicted to something?

Yes, I´m addiced to paint my nails, I love it, my mom doesn´t let me But I love it.

For last… can you tie your shoes while picking your nose?

Let´s see… (15 minutes later, after I tried) I could, I can´t believe it, was hard, but I did it.

What about you? Can you tie your shoes while picking your nose? (Respond in the comments)





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