What does the fox say??? Just Dance 2015

En el nuevo videojuego de JUST DANCE 2015, sale la canción de “What does the fox say?” y mola mucho, hay la canción con el baile original y un baile altermativo, mirádlo.

In the new videogame of Just Dance 2015, appears the song “Whatdoes the fox say?” and it´sso cool, there´s 2 songs, in the first appears the original song and an alternative dance, watch it.

Espero que os hayan gustado.

Hope you´ve liked them.

Pregunta del día (Question of the day):

¿A que están locos los del segundo video? (Responde en loscomentarios)

Is true that the 2 boys of the 2nd video are crazy? (Respond in the comments)


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