Chat problems… (maybe not “problems”)

If you are a cyber person, maybe you´ve dealed with this…

Everybody in my town is stucked with whatsapp (TOTALLY HATE that app) Do U wanna know why does everyone love it? Easy to answer…

1. Free messages

2. Free calls

3. Lots of “fun” chats

4. It´s “cool” to be connected

5. The app is “free” (now I´ll talk about it)

And so on (fool) reasons…

Why did I say “free”, because when U install the app, U have 1 year free, and then you´ll have to pay aprox. 1 $ (aprox) so what people do, is to uninstall the app and then install it again, and then have an other year free.

OK, everyone likes to be messaging without paying money, but why not to download and app that U don´t have to uninstall and install again, I am too lazy for that…

LINE, LINE is just like whatsapp (but better) if U want the perect free SMS and free call app in the world, LINE is your app. U don´t have to uninstall it and then install it again, beacuse it´s free forever (FOREVER) and it has something that whatsapp doesn´t have:

stickers, whatsapp has emoticons, but LINE has emoticons and stickers (stickers are way better than emoticons) it has 2 types of stickers:

1. Normal stickers (normal stickers)

2. Moving stickers (are just like normal stickers, but with movement)

And those are my reasons why everyone needs to have LINE and not whatsapp… If you and your friends have whatsapp, tell them to install LINE, it´s better, then, tell me in the comments or send me a tweet: @Diversion3000 And if you already have LINE, tell me what U think about it, in the comments, or via twitter: @Diversion3000

Question of the day:

Do U have LINE? why do U think it´s better than whatsapp? (Respond in the comments)



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