What to do when you´re bored!!!!!

Hi, today, I´m gonna make your boring days more fun!!!

Breakfast challenge: Mix all this food and then eat it:






Orange juice



Then, write your reaction on the comments. #YummyFood

Put ketchup into half of a straw and put it into your friend´s drink, make sure he/she doesn´t find out. #HowDidThatHappened

During all day, everytime a person calls your name, say… “BANGARANG!” #WhatTheWhat

Spin around, and when you´re sure you´re sick, try to draw a cow and then tweet it with #IAmAnArtist

Throw people water balloons trought the window and then shout them: “ENJOY” #WaterBaloons

While walking down the street, act like you´re talking with someone when you´re not, and then tweet people´s reactions with #MyFriendsAreAwesome

Draw your day: Draw everything that happened along the day and then tweet it with #MyDayWasAwesome or #MyDayWasHorrible

Well, here ends the post, hope you like it and see you. 🙂 😀

Question of the day:

What is the best thing that happened along the day? (Respond in the comments)










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