Types of chats.

Hello readers, followers, likers…

Every single type of chat in this post annoys me a lot. If you see that I´ve painted and written over the messages in the pictures is because I screenshooted the chats, considering that the chats were in spanish,  I had to translate them into English. Sorry.



Every message in this chat is “love”. This conversation is not usual in real life althought it happened in my school lots of times. Figure out you have 2 friends that are friends bettwen each other but they don´t even talk in real life. (WHAT) Their conversation is like this one:











Imagine you text someone: “Hello” and you wait; and wait; and wait… And then, 5 minutes later, THAT PERSON CALLS YOU. Why does that friend want to call you after you only said Hello??? Does that friend want to call just to say Hello??? If you say hello in SMS, that person has to reply saying hello, I suposed.

You texted someone “Hi”, if you really wanted to talk with that person, you´ll perfectly call that person, you wouldn´t say “Hi” and wait for that person to call you. This is suposed to be a simple chat, everything your frined wants to tell you, must be in the chat.












When you text a simple message to someone, that person READ the SMS, but doesn´t reply and you get mad about it. The worse thing, is that that person doesn´t reply in DAYS. I hate this people. This is the chat I hate the most, because they´re literaly ignoring you.











4. THE “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) CHAT

Two people that only “laugh” in this chat. So cool. (NO) You must be wondering why. Because maybe they´re not even laughing. (I tell you this for personal experience)











I hope you liked this post and see you later.

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