Interview with Cova!!!! (AGAIN)

Hey guys:

I know I´ve done this ones or twice before but here I am, interviewing my friend Cova again. If you´re not bored, if you don´t have enough time or if you have lots of things to do, don´t waste your time, cause this post will not be very “Exciting”.

What do you most like to do?

Playing tennis and painting my nails.

Do you like the “HAPPY COW”? [ I took this picture from @slothychild (instagram) ]

Of course, it´s soooooooo funny. I love it.


If a famous person could follow you in instagram, which one would you like it to be?

Katy perry, definetly!

What is the most usual thing you do?

The most usual thing I do is nonesense. I love to do nonesense.

Which is your favourite city?

New York

What´s your favourite artist?


What´s your favourite song?

Chandelier by Sia.

Do you like to draw?

Of course, I love to draw. It´s amazing.

Ok, so here ends the interview, I hope you guys liked it and see you on the next post. Bye.

Question of the day:

What do you think about friendships? (Respond in the comments)




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