Internet Acronyms…

Hello people, minions, bloggers, readers, woodchucks and so on…

I was looking on twitter for trendings on web and I found some Internet acronyms:

LOL: “Laughing Out Loud”/”Lots Of Love”

BRB: “Be Right Back”

BTW: “By The Way”

IDK: “I Don´t Know”

YOLO: “You Only Live Once” (Or as I heard on @DoofDaily “You Only Like Onions”)








AKA: “Also Known As”

BAE: “Before Anyone Else” (This acronym is mostly used to name someone you love or to name your boyfriend)

PMP: “Peeing My Pants”

SIA: “Say It Again”

YOYO: “You’re On Your Own”

Weird right? I don´t know why everyone uses this things, it encourages people to learn how to use them, also it makes people to get refused to write complete senteces. Languages are going to die soon if we keep doing this things.

I found much more acronyms but, they are full of BADWORDS. This are some very useful acronyms I invented:

FWIW: “Found What I Wanted”

JPAP: “Just Posted A Photo”

TMYBTMMYL: “The More You Buy The More Money You Loose”

RIWLFTW: “Really I Wasn´t Looking For That Website” (Cool right?, and I´m just getting started)

DUYTPTPBOF: “Don´t Use Your Twitter Profile To Promote Brands Of Food”

IHAAIUT: “I Hate Acronyms Although I Use Them” (It´s true, I use them eventhough I kind of hate them)

SMMF: “Selfies Make Me Fat” (I kind of hate selfies, I´m just saying)

IATM: “I Ate Too Much” (I can go on and on, but it´s time to go, so here are all the acronyms)

Well, hope you like this post and see you later, bye.

Question of the day (Actually, it is not going to be a question, it is going to be a challenge):

Invent an acronym and put it in the comments with it´s meaning. If you are lucky, I´ll mention your acronym in my next post (I mean, I´ll put the acronym mentioning the person who invented it) or well, if anyone puts comments, I won´t put any post replying, oviusly. Hahaha…






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