Me reacting to “goats yelling like humans”…

Hello Interwebs:

Today, I´m going to show you a video of… “GOATS YELLING LIKE HUMANS”, they´re hilarious, so, then, I´m going to react to it, it you aren´t interested in my opinion about this video (is a good review), then, you can just watch the video. Here we go:

Ok, so, as you have seen, they´re goats screaming very similar to humans (Funny right?), so, I think is crazy, I mean, how can goats shout so similar to humans? It is just insane! I mean, doesn´t any of this goats scream like someone in your family or friends? I guess so. (Hahaha…)

Actually, this goats don´t scream like humans, because, the video is edited in someway that seems like they´re shouting.Figure out that you´re at the zoo, a goat starts screaming and you think is someone else, you look evrywhere but you can´t see anything weird.

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Question of the day:

Does any of this goats scream like someone you know? You can just answer saying YES or NO. (Respond in the comments)



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