Hello everyone:

As you read on the title of this post… I have 100 followers at last!

I got 100 followers from the 7 January (from 2 days ago), so I know I´m late, but I alredy posted on the 7 January and also, I came back to school on the 8 January. (sorry)

Thank you so much to all my followers (also my readers, likers, commenters and so on…), if it wasn´t for ANY of you, I would probably have left my blog. (seriously because… Who am I without followers?) As I probably said at new year, You definitely made my year guys.

Actually, I thought It would be easier to get 100 followers, yes, more difficult that I thought.

I also want to let you know that I have 200 likes! (my current tally is 233) Yeah!

It took me like 1 year and 1 month to get 100 followers.Believe it or not, if it wasn´t because of posting in english, I whould have just 2 followers right now. (seriously, not kidding)

And I know we are only 100, but something is something, I mean see my point of view, “100 PEOPLE LIKE THIS BLOG, SO THEY ALL DECIDED TO FOLLOW IT” (now is a lot right?)

So, thank you so much for reading, liking, following, commenting… I will always appreciate it!

Buy, I mean bye! (Hahaha, just kidding)

Question of the day:

What´s better… reading blogs or blogging? (Respond in the comments)



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