Me reacting to… SIA!!!

Hello everyone:

I like music, songs, singers and everything related to it, so that´s why I decided to share with you some songs from the amazing… SIA!!! She´s got many awesome songs you maybe know for instance, “Chandelier”, “Elastic heart”… I really recomend you to buy her newest album “1000 FORMS OF FEAR” (Sounds creepy, anyway her album is incredible)

Dressed in black:

Big girls cry:

Well, I just putted 2 songs because if not, this post would be very long, anyway, let´s review…

Her songs are very sad in my opinion although they´re very cool (yes, they´re sometimes kind of touchy), as Sia said on an interview a couple of months ago, this songs make people feel good or well make people feel sad. I think both things are cool. (Again, personal opinion) If you look for her latest videos on youtube, I just want to let you know that she won´t appear, she decided not to show her face, I´m telling you this just in case the only thing you find is a young girl dancing ballet. (Maddie Ziegler)

But not every song she writes is sad, she´s got lots of cool songs full of happiness (hahaha). You should search for them on youtube. What about you?, What do you think about her songs?

Well ladies and gentlemen, here ends this post. See you soon, bye.

Question of the day:

What´s the most touchy song you´ve heard? (Respond in the comments)




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