It´s time for… BRAINSTORMINGS!!!

Hello human beings:

It´s time to talk about inspiration. A very good way to get inspired, is to make a… BRAINSTORMING!!!

There´re lots of types of brainstormings, of course, it depends on what you want to do with them. There´re topic-brainstormings ( you can use them on your blog, youtube channel and so on…), music-brainstormings, like_hacks-brainstormings…

Today, we´re going to talk about like_hacks-brainstorming. Maybe this post should be called “Like-Hacks brainstorming”, anyway, there´re lots of life hacks that are very helpful in my opinion. Here we go:

Cool right? You´re maybe thinking right now “This are not brainstormings, they´re just life-hacks” but if you think about it, you need a brainstorming to take ideas such as those ideas. (life-hacks)

Everybody has different brainstormings because everyone has different things on their minds, for instance, my brain is full of tweets, iphones, nokia smartphones, my blog, mexican food, thunderstorms (I like the word “thunderstorms”), music… (my mind is very similar to the featured image of this post, cause I made it by myself)


Well, I hope you liked this post and see you next time, bye!




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