Food that almost everybody likes:


Today I´m gonna make a list of things that ALMOST everybody likes, things that are weird not to like.

PIZZA: There´s only one person I know who doesn´t like pizza, he´s one of my friends. Well there´re also lots of types of pizza, maybe the pizza that my friend used to eat was not very tasty. Anyway, except that guy, every single person I know likes pizza.

CHIPS: There´re only three people I know who don´t like chips. I´m not very sure but I think that this is one of the things that almost everyone likes.

POPCORN: Ok, everybody I know likes popcorn. I think that butter popcorn is the popcorn that ALMOST everybody prefers. My friends and I prefer butter popcorn, my family prefers salted popcorn.

ICE-CREAM: The only person I know who doesn´t like ice-cream is myself. At first I thought it was normal, but now I know that is not very usual not to like ice-cream. I´ve never liked ice-cream, it´s VERY cold, I don´t like frozen food.

FRENCH FRIES: I love french fries, all my friends like french fries, we always fight for the french fries when we go to Burger King.

HAMBURGERS: There´re only two people I know who don´t like hamburgers. I love hamburgers, my favorite is the chicken burger of Burger King, my friends don´t really like that one.

BACON: Everybody I know likes bacon, it´s delicious. My cousin Emma freaks out everytime she sees bacon, even on TV!

Well, that´s my list of food that everybody likes. If you think there´re are more food almost imposible no to like, please, tell me in the comments. Is there anything in this list that you don´t like? (tell me also in the comments)

See you later, bye!!!


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