Viral videos on YouTube…

Hello everyone:

Today I´m sharing with you some viral videos I found on internet as I told you I was going to do on the latest post. I decided to do it because I think that I post a lot of music in this blog, so it´s time to entertain you with some viral videos:

Harlem Shake:

Emotional baby:

Talking twin babies:

I hope you liked those videos. They were funny, right? See you on the next post bye!

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AMAZINGlol´s donea



2 thoughts on “Viral videos on YouTube…

  1. What a fun and funny theme. My 7th graders would love it. Thanks for visiting my site this weekend. I’m glad you liked my post “How to Get Loyal Visitors to Repeatedly…”. Nice to meet you.


    • Thank you so much, your comment made my day!!! And yes, I really liked your post! I´m sure your 7th graders would like this blog, I´m a 7th grader as well!


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