Girly Things That I Don´t Like!!!

Hello everyone:

Today I´m gonna talk to you about irritating girly things. Eventhough I´m also a girl, there are some girly things that I´ve never done in my life. If you do any of these things, don´t get pissed, none of the things I´m gonna say are personal, It´s in general because, in fact, most of my friends do these things:


Ok, I like nails and I think it´s very fun to paint them (nails are cool), but there are some people who are so obsessed with nails that they take photos of them as if someone would care about their nails. Seriously, I have 2 words for pictures of your extra-colorful and over-painted nails: ZERO LIKES!


Again, selfies but with feet, who cares about your nasty and smelly feet? Nobody! I literally rather to have diahrrea for a month. This is not exactley a girly thing but most of the people who do this are girls.


Selfies were so popular in the last year that someone decided to invent the (freaking) selfie stick. Let´s analyse it: A stick made for taking selfies, a stick that does nothing useful (it´s very useful if you consider selfies useful). The selfie stick is literally the most annoying thing in the world.


Who (besides fools) wants to learn about how to make a “super-fashion” hairstyle or makeup? Those tutorials are good for the little girls who want to want to comb their dolls or for people who are going to a wedding and want to look good, but not for normal people. Seriously, do you watch any of those videos? They are not useful at all.

5. STATUS QUOTES (for the love of god):

There are lots of people who put supid quotes in their social media stauts. This kind of girls think they´re so freaking smart that they write the most foolish things in the world. Everything they post on their status are nonesense. They post things like:

“My love is like a candle, if you forget me, I´ll burn your house down.” (This one is actually funny)

“Some people really need to grow up” (The most annoying thing about this one is that the one who really needs to grow up, is the person who wrote this)

“I hate myself for loving you” or even “I don´t hate you, I just hate to love you” (Most of my friends write stuff like this)

Well, I really hope you liked this post and I´ll see you very soon. Have a good day/night (depending on where you are or when you read this post) and bye!

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