Double interview: Places around the world (ft. Cova and Endry)

Hello everyone:

As I promessed you on the last post, I´m gonna make a double interview, I´m gonna interview my friends Endry and Cova. As the tittle says, the interview is about places around the world. There are 8 questions in the interview, I´m gonna mark each of my friends´ answer (Endry and Cova) in a different colour so it will be easier to distinguish their answer:

What´s your favorite city or town? Why?

Endry: I don´t have, because I think it´s foolish.

Cova: London, because it´s beautiful and I have lots of nice memories from there.

What´s your favourite place in the world?

Endry: I would say I have 2 places (countries). Because I have lots of things here (Spain) and in Venezuela.

Cova: Mi home, because I´m near to the TV, my phone, my bike…

Which countries would you like to visit?

Endry: Dominican republic and USA.

Cova: Mexico and USA.

Why do you want to visit the USA?

Endry: Because I´m pretty sure it´s beautiful and I think it´s one of the best countries in the world.

Cova: Simply because it´s AWESOME!

In which country were you born? What do you like the most from there?

Endry: Venezuela. The thing I like the most from there is my family and the beach.

Cova: Spain. The thing I like the most from there is my friends.

Which places would you NEVER visit in your life?

Endry: Iraq, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Ukraine and Croatia.

Cova: Monaco.

Which cities do you consider intresting?

Endry: LA, NYC, Miami, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokio, Pekin, Valencia and Caceres.

Cova: All of them except Monaco.

What´s the most beautiful place you have visited? Why?

Endry: “La gran sabana” in Venezuela, because it´s a natural paradise, it´s beautiful. There are waterfalls, lots of vegetation. I went there with my family and I had so much fun.

Cova: “La provança” in France, because my parents took me there and it was just so cool.

This is the end of the interview. I hope you enjoied reading it becuse I will keep making double interviews. What about you? What´s your favourite place in the world? You can tell me in the comments or send me a tweet, my name is @diversion3000 See you soon!

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