Things to tell teachers to PASS EXAMS!

NOTESHello everyone:

Everyone has exams at school and everyone has failed sometime, sometimes exams are easy but sometimes they aren´t. Today I´m going to tell you some phrases to tell your teachers in case you fail. There are there ways to do that, phrases to fighten them, phrases to make them feel akward and phrases to let them know you aren´t kidding:

1. You have to make your teacher feel akward, you have to frighten your  teacher, here are some phrases for that:

a) This is a sample of my intelligence, if I teached you everything, I would have to kill you.

b) I have Parkinson…

c) Don´t you discredit my wisedom, cause my mom is Athena and my dad is Satan…

d) I know where you live!

e) I´m your son/father

2. You have to tell your techer the craziest things in order to make him/her raise your mark… Here are some phrases for that…

a) My pen hates me… just saying.

b) In a parallel universe, all the answers are correct…

c) I have a disease in which I will die if I fail another exam.

d) I didn´t know there was an exam today. You freaking troll!

3. You have to show the tacher your dark side, you have to let the techer know you aren´t kidding, here are some phrases for that…

a) Do you really want to have me in this class next year?

b) If you fail me, I´m coming after you…

c) Maybe you´re the teacher but I own this place like a BOSS!

Well, those are my phrases to improve your marks, believe me, they work really good (ha,ha,ha) I hope you enjoied reading and see you later, bye!

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