Scary things while travelling.

Hello everyone:

Everyone has travelled sometime, by train, by boat, by plane, by subway… Today I´m going to talk about scary things that totally frighten me (or anyone) while travelling.


I hate scammers, they´re everywhere, specially on the subway. The scariest thing is that they could have stolen you something and you don´t even know. My parents have always told me not to get distracted on the subway. You know what? I think that nobody has stolen me anything on the subway yet. (I´m lucky, right?)


If you lose it, you´re dead; if someone steals it, you´re dead; if it falls and you can´t find it, you´re dead… It´s so stressful to travel with tickets.


This is also very stressful, if you don´t get on board on time, you fail at life. You always have to check the time in order not to lose your flight, train, boat… whatever you are travelling by.


Do you know those people who are completely lost? Those people who need your help? Those people are sooooo irritating. Dear people who get lost while travelling, if you need help, please ask people who work at the train station/airport/subway station… don´t bother people who are travelling too, beacuse they´re going to get lost as well (and by that, I mean that they´re going to lose their flight/train/boat…).

5. KIDS:

You never know when your suitcase is running over a kid. Kids are literally everywhere: playing, running, looking for their parents when they´re lost… They are always on others´ way. You have to be careful, you can´t step over a kid, because his/her parents are going to kill you.  What if you are loosing your fight? You are going to be running and then a (freaking) kid is going to be on your way and then you are going to encounter the kid, the kid will start crying and you will feel guilty.

Hope you enjoied reading the things that scare me while travelling. Travelling is so stressful, my parents have always told me that. Anyway, see you later!

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