The haunted house…

Hello everyone:

You know what? There is an abandoned house in my village. Everybody calls it “THE HAUNTED HOUSE”. Anyway, I was walking down the street with my camera, I saw it and thought: A picture, why not? Here is the picture:


hounted house








Scary, right?

As everywhere, people always have said that there is an evil ghost living in this house. The only thing scary in that house is that a human being lived in that house (weird, but yes, if you think about it, it would be more  frightening), that person would totally be a weirdo.

That house was built about a century ago. As I already told you, it´s abandoned, it´s interesting because all of my friends are always like: Hey! Let´s visit the haunted house on Halloween! They don´t even believe it, and if they really wanted to go, it would be imposible because the terrain is on sale. If anyone sees us, we´re dead.

There are also 2 or 3 ponies living in that terrain, ha, ha, ha… They´re possessed by the deamon who lives in that house (ha, ha, “possessed ponies”, just kidding)

That house is in ruins, it´s completely imposible to go there and come back without being crushed by the 2nd floor. I was really scared of that house when I was younger, not because I thought it was haunted, because of my parents kidding and saying “let´s go to the abandoned house”, I didn´t want that house to fall all over me (well, neither now).

I think that this house is the scariest thing on my village, there´re a couple of other abandoned houses, but this one is way more scary than the other ones.

Fortunately, this house is near to the hospital… ha, ha, ha! (just in case something happens)

Anyway, I hope you enjoied reading this post. Readers, is there anything “scary” in your town/village/city? (tell me in the comments) See you next time, bye!

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