Situations I don’t like…

Hello everyone:

Eventhough you know I’m a happy and positive person, there are still some situations I don’t like. These are not going to be VIOLENT SITUATIONS, just little akward situations that make me feel kind of weird.

WARNING: This is not meant to insult anyone or be offensive with people. Diversion3000 doesn´t endorse insulting or making fun of people. Any kind of similarities between examples shown in this post and real life are totally coincidental. None of these situations are of my personal opinion, they’re pure entertainment. No people were harmed in the making of this post. All the examples of people shown in this post are invented. Thanks for your attention.


And I’m not talking about teenagers (because teenagers do this a lot), I’m talking about people that are between 30 and 50 years old. They are old enough to do that. I’m not against love, but this kind of people are so ridiculous that I can’t find the words to describe them. I’m not suggesting that they shouldn’t love each other, but please, this ain’t no romantic movie, this is real life. The akward moment is when you know that couple and then you have to say hello to them but you don’t want people around to realise that you know them.


For the love of god, these kind of people literally couldn’t be more mentally retarded. Who on earth wants to hear you singing? Do you think people enjoy hearing your foolish singing? And it dosen’t matter if they sing well or not, it’s annoying and irritating anyways. Most of these people are between 15 and 28. (kids do it too, but they don’t count)


Do you know those people who are soooo slow? Those people who take an entire hour to pay at the supermarket? Those people are very happy because they don’t have to hurry up to go somewhere, talking about the weather with the cashier like no one else is behind then in the line… Why do people do this? Please annoying person, we don’t have all day, so hurry up!


I know that little kids are little kids and they don’t know if they’re doing good or not, but I hate to be walking down the street hearing little kids shouting like no one else is hearing or watching them. Please parents, keep always an eye on your children at the park, and if they shout, just tell them not to do do it because they’re bothering people around them (it’s that simple).

Well, those were my “akward situations”. Anyway, I hope you enjoied reading this post because I made it with love (just kidding). Have a great day, bye!

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