Types of Classmates…

Hello everyone:

Today I’m going to talk about types of classmates that we all have. By the way, I made a post similar to this one, want to see it? Click here! Anyway, let’s start:

WARNING: This is not meant to insult anyone or be offensive with people. Diversion3000 doesn´t endorse insulting or making fun of people. Any kind of similarities between examples shown in this post and real life are totally coincidental. None of these situations in class are real, although maybe there is going to be a real example in this post. No people were harmed in the making of this post. All the examples of people shown in this post are invented. Thanks for your attention.


These kind of kids are the most annoying kids at school. They do nothing except bothering others. The other day, we were in class and 2 of my classmates had to go to the bathroom and that annoying kid had to go as well. The teacher told that kid to wait until the other 2 classmates arrive. The kid was like: “But I really need to go to the bathroom, please let me go!” (he was bothering the teacher until the other kids arrived) When the  2 kids arrived, the teacher told him go to the bathroom but, guess what? The kid said: “Better no, I don’t need to go anymore” The techer was so annoyied that he didn’t even know what to say to the kid (that freaking kid was bothering for nothing).


This kid ALWAYS has to say something silly about EVERYTHING the teacher says. Everything the teacher says turns into a conversation piece for the rest of the class (a conversation made of negative reviews). If the teacher gets confused or says something wrong by accident, there goes a comment. Well, at least this kid pays attention to the teacher (hahaha…) This kid annoys and a lot, annoys all it’s classmates and, of course the teacher.


This kid is always asking about everything. When the theacher tells us when the exam is going to be, this kid is always asking things about the exam: Hey, is this going to be on the test? What about this? Can you tell us the things we have to study? Is this important for the test? And this?… The most irritating thing is that the teacher told us everything that was going to be on the test and that kid has the nerve to get nervious while doing the exam, this kid is always the most nervious person in class while doing the exam. I mean, this kid was the person who convinced the teacher to tell us everything about the exam and then gets nervious as if he/she didn’t know anything about the test.


This kid is always making some sort of irritating sound while the teacher is explaining. And it does not matter if the teacher tells him/her to stop, because he/she never stops.


This kid walks around the class like he/she owns the school, like he/she owns the situation… They are so bighead that everyone in the class gets annoyied when this kid stands up to go to the bin.

Hey, I hope you liked my “types of classmates at High School” and I also hope you have a great day! By the way, I just want to tell you that I made a post publishing photos of designs I made with a programation program, want to see it? Click here! See you next time, bye!

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