My Friends Do This:

Hello everyone:

Today I’m going to talk about things my friends use to do when we are together. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad or critic other people, I’m just going to talk about things that happen to me when I’m with my friends. (If you do any of these things, don’t feel sad beacuse, in fact, I’ve also done one or two of these things.) Let’s do this…


Sometimes my friends are so focused in their smartphones that it litterally seems like they’ve never seen a phone in their lives. But, you know what? You always get used to this in the end, this happens always. This is so normal that scientists have noticed 11 out of 10 people spend more time focused on their phones than listening to their friends or family (ha, just kidding!)


Everytime me and my friends hang out and for some reason one of us doesn’t come, my friends start talking bad of that person. I mean, just because one of us does not come, doesn’t mean we have to start criticizing that person. My frineds always do this, sometimes I wonder what they might think of me.


Figure out you and your friends are walking down the street, one of them starts singing that annoying song you hate, then the rest of your friends start singing along and you have to sing as well if you don’t want them to ask you:

Why aren’t you singing?

Don’t you like this song?

Wait, don’t you know this song?!

And so on… Sometimes you have to do things you don´t want to do if you don´t want to look like a boring person in front of your frineds. Such is life…


You know that time when your friends start talking about the typical boy who everyone has a crush on? The thing is that you are the only one who isn’t interested in that guy so, of course you get bored. My friends are always dreaming in the clouds (talking about boys, of course). My friends call that crush: “The Forbidden crush”. Sometimes it can be really funny to listen to my friends talking about those nonesense.


For some reason, my friends are always taking selfies. As I always say, I hate selfies, not because I want to be contrary, it’s simply because of two things:

1. I look awful in pictures.

2. (I always say this) Is it so hard to tell a person to take the picture?

Anyway, hope you liked the “things my friends do”. Hey, please let me know if you relate to any of these examples in the comments. Hope you have a great day, see you later!

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