Why Do We Take So Many Selfies?

Hello everyone:

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna tell you the reason why human beings are so obsessed with selfies (because I don’t know), I’m just gonna talk a little bit about it. I recomend you to sit down and relax, let’s start:

Selfies are pictures in wich you take yoursef a picture, right? My question is, is it soooooo hard to tell someone to take you a picture? I just don’t get it. And also, what if you’re ugly, are you gonna take selfies then?

I don’t know why, but (almost) everytime I see teenagers walking down the street, they tend to take selfies. Oh my god, if someone gave them money everytime they take selfies, teens would be billionaires. Also people beteen 18 and 28 take lots of selfies.

And I can’t believe why selfies became so popular in the last year, it’s just a very simple thing. I mean, taking pictures of people, but the thing is that YOU take the picture and YOU also appear in it. I remember the last school trip I went on, one of my friends brought her smartphone and… The (freaking) Selfie Stick! We took lots of selfies on the bus (I’m not proud of it).

And you know what?, some of my friends have taken selfies in Science class while the teacher was not in class, they published them on Instagram. I also remeber the time that two of my friends asked the Science teacher for permission to go to the bathroom, they took some selfies in the mirror and them published them also on Instagram. Why on earth does my teacher not find out? He’s a very good person, but he really needs to be alert sometimes.

At the break, my friends are:

In the bathromm, taking selfies.

Outside. taking selfies.

Hiding from teachers in class, taking selfies.

And so on… some of my classmates and friends literally can’t spend more than half an hour without taking selfies. If you’re reading this and you love selfies, I’m sorry but I don’t think they’re that cool. Posting in a blog is way cooler (ha,ha,ha… get it?).

Please people, live the moment. What are you gonna do when you get old? The only thing you’re gonna remeber about when you were younger are gonna be selfies and selfies and selfies… Memories are way more important than selfies, selfies are not real memories.

I really hope this trend gets less and less popular over time. People are crazier than wild goats (hahaha… just kidding I love you readers).

Anyway, hope you liked my post. If you like selfies, don’t worry, this was not personal, I just wanted to talk about this popular topic. If you think you know the answer to my question (Why Do We Take So Many Selfies?), why do you think selfies are so popular?, please feel free to tell me in the comments and maybe, I’ll put your comment in the next post. Hope you have a great day and see you later!

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