When You Think You Do Nothing Good…

Hello guys:

Me and my parents made a party for my aunt, we were 11 people: me, my mum, my dad, my aunt (the one’s birthday), my uncle, my other aunt, my grandmother, my aunt’s nephews and their grandmother… The thing is that those (3) kids (my aunt’s nephews) have a very serious problem. Their mum has cancer, she’s on her terminal stage. She’s been dealing with that disease for almost 9 years…

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’m pretty sure that you aren’t that unlucky, so today I’m going to cheer you up. Why did I say: “cheer you up”? Well, If you clicked on this post, I suppose you’re feeling sad. Let’s do this:

If you feel you do nothing good, don’t feel sad. Try to find something that motivates you, try new things. Or at least, find a hobby. Meet your friends, draw, walk, do some exercise, meet your family… Whatever that makes you feel good.

Think for a moment, you’re not that unlucky. Is anyone in your family dying? Have you lost a friend? Are you homeless at the street dying of starvation? You have to appreciate everything and everyone you have with you, you never know when you’re gonna lose it or if you’re gonna lose it.

If you feel useless, don’t feel like that. Can you tie your shoes without a diagram? Aren’t you able to breath? You can do LOTS OF THINGS. If you don’t know how to cook, learn how to cook; if you don’t know how to drive, learn how.

Do you feel like you have nothing to do bored? Then again, find a hobby, try new things, do things ON YOUR OWN. Go to some activities for having fun. If you’re an adult and you’re unemployed, find a job, you never know when you’re wife/husband will leave you or if she/he is gonna leave you.

The thing is that you can’t give up. Try to find something, keep trying…

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you next time, bye!!

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