Things People Don’t Think About

Hello everyone:

I was thinking about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’re some things people don’t think about…


Seriously, some people call their kids on the weirdest way. I know a woman, she has 2 little children, the first one’s name is Sophia and the second one’s name is Athena. See?? Athena is the greco-roman goddess of wisdom and Sophia means wisdom. The names aren’t bad, it’ just that…

What if they end up homeless at the street dying of starvation because they didn’t go to college?

What if they end up being ignorants?

Everything is possible, you never know.

It wouldn’t be coherent. Please parents, don’t put weird names (Sophia is actually a normal name but, Athena? Seriously?)


My Science teacher has a blog about science for class. You know what? He publishes stuff IN SUMMER!!!

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to publish educational stuff in a blog in summer. I actually admire that teacher, because he spends his time publishing stuff for his students instead of being at the beach tanning is butt.

But let’s be real…

Like bro, do you really think that ANY of your students would READ your blog IN SUMMER?! I mean, they don’t even read it after school.

Well I am half an exception. Why an exception? Well, simply because I read his blog. Why do I read his blog? Because I have a little crush on that teacher. Why half an exception? Because sometimes I visit his blog and see if he published something new, I start reading and reading and reading and reading that new post, I start getting bored and then I stop reading.


My uncle is the perfect example for this situation. He asks you something…you answer…he looks around like what you’re saying is not important…you get annoyed…

But if you do the same thing to him, se says:

– Hey! Pay attention, this is important!

Ok, let me get this straight, he does that to you but you can’t do that to him??? Come on!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope you have a great day, bye!!

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