People and their Smartphones

Hello everyone:

You know what? smartphones are AWESOME!!! But sometimes they can be really annoying when you’re catching up with your friends…  😀  First things first, I made a post which is similar to this one, wanna see it? Click here! Let’s do this:

I hate when you’re talking to someone and he/she is not listening to you but he’s/she’s focused on his/her smartphone instead. The worst part is when you find out that he’s/she’s chatting with a friends of his/her. It makes me feel like what I’m saying is not interesting at all… 😥

I hate when you are catching up with your friends and then someone takes out his/her phone and then everyone takes out their phones and then everything turns into a nerd’s smartphone meeting.

I hate when you’re at the cinema watching a movie and then someone near to you or next to you takes out his/her phone and starts chatting (even though it’s forbidden)… The worst thing is that the phone’s volume is so high that you cannot listen to the movie. Why are people so stupid?!  😡

I hate when you’re at a family meeting and that annoying cousin takes out his/her smartphone and then doesn’t listen to ANY of you.

I hate those annoying groups of friends that are chatting between each other and THEY’RE ALL TOGETHER!!!  😦

By the way, I want you to tell me if you relate to any of these situations and what things annoy you about people and their smartphones.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope you have a great day, bye!!! 🙂

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