Signs You’re A Shopaholic Person

Hello everyone:

And yes, before you ask, I’m a shopaholic person myself. So, that’s why I’m gonna give you some signs that make sure you’re a shopaholic person as well. Shall we? Shall we? Let’s do it:

1. Sometimes I buy stuff even if they don’t even completely convince me, things I don’t even completely like. I mean, the other day, I went to the mall with my friends and we went shopping… They found amazing stuff but I didn’t, I bought a phone case that wasn’t actually that cool, I bought it because I wanted to buy, buy, buy, buy…

2. Sometimes I buy clothes (jeans, dresses, shoes, T-shirts…) that don’t even completely fit me. And I hate when my clothes squeeze, because they make me feel fat and they’re really uncomfortable.

3. Sales. Sales. Sales. They totally play with my priorities. Like, buy 1, get the 2nd half prized… NOOOOOOOO!!! Sometimes I just can’t help myself when I see a poster that says: Buy 1, get the 2nd FREE  And you know what? Just because of that, my friends told me about a jeans discount… And now I have 8.

You’re trying to kill me! Why do you want me to waste all my money on useless stuff? Do you want me to be homeless? You sellers are cruel! Cruel!!!

4. You know those little shops that sell everything?: band aids, lanterns, pony rubbers, phone cases, mini calculators, pocket hair spray… Yes, that is my worst weakness in life! I can’t go to those shops without buying a thing. All that stuff is *crap*!!!

5. You know what? Maybe I buy all, but not expensive things, never expensive things. If it’s cheap, it’s made for me, if it’s expensive, you’ll never see me buying it.

Hey! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Question: Are you a shopaholic? Feel free to tell me in the comments. And if not, tell me: Do you know anyone who’s shopaholic?

Hope you have a great day, bye!!!

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