What I Do on Airplanes When I’m Bored

Hello everyone:

Airplanes are cool (sometimes) but also kinda boring, there’s nothing to do!!! So, today I’m gonna tell you 5 things I do on airplanes when I’m bored. Let’s d-d-do it:

1. If I can’t sleep, I take my phone (with the airplane mode on, of course) and listen to music to fall asleep. Because it’s so hard for me to fall asleep on a plane without music. 🙄

2. I use to play with my phone’s games like: Frozen Free Fall, Despicable Me (Minion Rush), Angry Birds Space, Inside Out (Thought Bubbles)…

3. Sometimes I press the flight assistant and then I pretend I’m asleep. They normally walk away but… anyway! Sorry but it’s so fun!

4. Ask Siri if she’s tired, she’ll be like: ???

5. Take pictures or videos of the people who are sleeping… (be careful, nobody can see you) :mrgreen:

Hope you liked these helpful ideas to kill your boredom on airplanes. And you? What do you do on airplanes when you’re bored? Hope you have a great day, bye!!

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8 thoughts on “What I Do on Airplanes When I’m Bored

  1. This post is pretty much perfectly timed because I’m off for a trip in the beginning of August and plane rides are always quite boring for me because I can’t move around and use wifi and life is just sad.

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