Got nominated for the FUTURE CHALLENGE!!!

Hello everyone:

I got nominated by teenagelunatics for the Future Challenge (She was nominated by the person who created it!!!). Anyways, let’s see the rules:


1. THANK THE PERSON WHO NOMINATED YOU: Thank you so much teenagelunatics for nominating me for this challenge!!!!

2. SHARE 5 THINGS ABOUT YOUR IDEAL FUTURE: (job, kids marriage, travel…)

Here we go:

1. I wanna build my own marketing business.

2. I wanna have 1 kid (girl or boy, I don’t mind)

3. I wanna get married between the ages of 29 and 33.

4. I wanna travel to Germany, USA, Greece, Italy, Canada and Poland

5. I wanna be a millionaire (sound crazy, but don’t you judge me)


1. Little Corner of the Interweb

2. quietalison

3. holdmethrillmekissme

4. typingandthinking

5. anthologysoup

4. LINK BACK TO Dreams and Movie Screens, the creator of this tag.

Anyways, I’m off. Have a great day, bye!!!

Wanna see more? (click on the links)

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airplanes are boringlol´s doneppl n their smartphones

2 thoughts on “Got nominated for the FUTURE CHALLENGE!!!

  1. Yes, we all wanna be millionaires, hahaha!!! And yes, building that business is supposed to make me rich! 🙂 Thank you so much again for nominating me! Have a great day!!! 😀


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