What’s Going On Here???

Hello everyone:

Today’s post is going to be a bit ranty. It’s something you should hear. You won’t believe it, you’ll think I’m crazy (even maybe a liar, but no)… Ok, ok, here we go:

I have a teacher, he’s my science teacher (I’ve already said a few posts ago that I have a liiiiittle crush on him, but maybe not longer. Let me just tell you why.)

I’ve also said that NOBODY pays attention to a word he says in class and that EVERYBODY makes fun of him. Yes, they do (Hello, this is 2015 people!!!)

Well that teacher has a blog and it’s about his subject (Science), it’s description says: “Blog about education and science of a godless teacher.” 😐 😮

Good so far, right? But I’m just getting started, he’s also got a Twitter account (I found it on my own, in secret). And you know what? He follows someone called “God”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (What The Fish???) 😕 o_O

The first thing I did when I saw this, was laughing as loud as I could. Seriously, this is stupid. :mrgreen:

I mean, if you’re so godless, then why on earth do you follow someone called God on Twitter?!?! I think he’s a bit of a Dumb (and by “a bit” I mean a lot).

Dude, I’m sorry to tell you this but that person is not the real God my friend. And everybody knows that if God really had Twitter, it would be a verified account (ha, get it?). XD

Like bro: Seriously, it seems you’re trying to make fun of catholic people or it seems you’re idiot. :/

People out there ,somewhere… I hope you take this post as an advice of what you SHOULDN’T DO.

Maybe this thing is not like a “big deal” but I hope it entertained you at least. 🙄

And yes, this thing I found sounds like a lie, but it’s true (true story son!) Anyways, hope you liked this post ⭐ and have a great day, bye!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here???

  1. It’s soo funny!! Why no people like this? Oops, this post is old but I still reading this. *stalk your old post* Btw, you’re such an awesome person! You’re sooooo funny!!!

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