Things People Do at Restaurants

Hello people, kids, teens, woodchucks, unicorns, minions…

So, everyone has gotten annoyed at restaurants sometime. Today I’m going to tell you some examples of those people.And you know what? I’m not really like paying attention to other people at restaurants because I don’t really care about what they’re doing. But sometimes, people go so crazy that you can’t stop looking at them. 😛 Let’s do it:

Loud people. These kind of people are the most annoying ones. They talk about their boring life so loud that you cannot focus on what the person next to you is saying. The worst thing is that they talk about the stupidest things like:

– And did you know I was there waiting the for like 1 MINUTE!!! Can you believe it? 😮

– OMG! Did you know Carlos is new in the city?! Who does that, who does he think he is?

And you’re like Poker Face: 😐

True story (no) Ok, but they talk about stuff like that.

Parents and their children. Oh my gosh. Some people really need to calm their children. But don’t get me wrong like, I like children (cause I am a child myself, I’m 12) but some children are so badly behaved that you end up wanting to kill them (just kidding, but they’re annoying anyways)

They’re so freaking whimsical, like:

-Hey daddy, I want an ice-cream.

– Why not daddy? What do you mean it’s expensive?


And then, their parents end up giving them the bloody ice-cream.

I can go on and on, but this post would last hours. Anyways, next!

Couples. Couples. Literally couples… They’re so freaking awkward, they make your food taste badly. You know the worst thing? And I have seen this lots of times. You know when there is a sit, a table and another sit but no, no, no… They decide to sit next to each other just like two awkward turtles. :/

The worst part goes for the waitress. Why? Well, just because that turns into one of the reasons why the waitress wants to quit the job.

They do stuff like this:

Boyfriend – Hey, I’m gonna have some pasta *then he starts awkward kissing his girlfriend*

Waitress – Sure, what about you lady? 😐 ( which stands for 😡 and 👿 )

Girlfriend – Yeah, I’m gonna have the same thing *then she starts awkward kissing her boyfriend again*

Watching that is like being in hell, in the middle of hell burning my butt.

Hey! Hope you liked ⭐ my post, hope you also have a great day/night (depending on where you are) and bye!!!

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