TOP 5 Scary Moments at the Subway

Hello wonderful people, ladies, gentlemen, kids, millionaires, royals (whatever you are)… 😛

Almost everybody gets scared at the subway (like this 😮 and this o_O ). I got scared lots of times myself. Fortunately, anyone never stole my wallet, my backpack, my jacket… Anyways, today i’m gonna tell you some things people always get scared about at the subway. You know what? I don’t take the subway much, simply because I live in a town and every time I’m in a city, I don’t really take the subway (it’s scary). Let’s d-d-do this (ha, I’m a rapper XD ):

Your wallet. Every time someone touches you by accident at the subway, you stop breathing. 😮 Like: you start checking your backpack (or purse, I use a backpack because I don’t like purses 🙄 ), you take your wallet and start checking if everything is under control… You wallet is literally your LIFE at the subway!!!

Your backpack. It’s the same as your wallet. Your LIFE literally depends on it!!!!!! if someone steals it, YOU’RE DEAD! If you lose it, YOU’RE DEAD! It’s too much pressure, TOO MUCH! You end up like: o_O ?!?!?!

People who start talking to you. And it does not matter if you’re at the subway or in the metro. You never know if they’re just trying not to get bored and “make friends” or if they’re trying to distract you so then they’re friend can steal your wallet. 😦

Like bro, I’m trying to keep my wallet safe, don’t you try to talk to me. You stranger! 😡 👿

Smelly people. You know that moment when you’re sitting at the metro and then a smelly person sits right next to you? That person smells like hell, like the bottom of hell!!!!!! And you’re like: 😕 What The Fish?

Homeless people. You know those people who are asking for money at the subway the right moment you have to hurry to get in the metro?

Like bro, I’m on a hurry, I’m gonna lose my metro, get away!!!! Don’t get me wrong like, I feel bad about homeless people 🐻 , but I don’t give them money when I’m loosing my metro.

Hey, hope you liked this post ⭐ and see you next time, have a great day!!!!! Bye!!!!!! XD

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