Back In Spain, Yaaay!!!!

Hello everyone:

So yesterday I came back home from month and a half in Mexico being spending time with my family. So now I’m in Spain, Home Sweet Home!!! XD So today I’m gonna tell you about my ride back home. (BTW, I made another post when I got to Mexico, wanna see it? Click Here!) Let’s go!

So at the airport, I bought 2 typical mexican dolls like these ones:








I also bought a T-Shirt 😛

Anyway,I had 2 plane rides:

1. Mexico City, Paris

You know what? I love food, whatever you cook for me, I’ll eat it even if I don’t like it. But there is one thing I alway deal with…. PLANES’ FOOD! :angry: I think that’s my biggest weakness in the world. Beecause seriously, look at this:








I took them myself. Gross, right??? o_O My parents told me that busineses that make food for planes are millionaires!!!! How on earth is that possible?? Nobody likes that!!!! Ewww… When I gorw up, I’ll build my own planes’ food business, but the thing is that I’ll make good food. 😉

2. Paris, Bilbao

We didn’t spend much time in Paris, about an hour or so. Of course I was very hungry, so th very moment we got to Bilbao, we went to Domino’s Pizza (we were starving) Then we fell asleep in a Hotel at 22:30 pm, we were awake at 02:00 am and we couldn’t sleep till 05:00 am to 10:00 am. (Travelling my friends, that’s what travelling does)

Next morning ,we took a bus to Asturias (4 entire hours of smelling strangers’ armpits 😐 ) I was almost peeing my pants on the bus, there was no bathroom there.

The first plane ride was (oviously) the long one (10 hours 😥 , couldn’t sleep at all!!!!! :/ The short one was nicer (hour and a half 🙄 )

Of course this ride was not as long as the one we took to Mexico. Why? Well, If you read the post, you’ll know the flight from Bilbao to Paris was cancelled so we have been practically 24 hours awake. (You know how fight cancelations work)

So now I’m at home, unpacking with my parents and getting used to the local time (Spain).

BTW, I made a logo for my blog (again):






Cool, right?? Anyways, hope you liked ⭐ my post and see you next time!!! Buy, I mean bye!!!! 😛 XD

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