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Hello everyone:

Hi, today I’m gonna recomend you 5 (new, I mean latest) movies. But first things first, I’M NOT NOT TELL YOU THE ENDING, NEITHER WHAT HAPPENS, I’m not that idiot. 😛 Hahaha… Anyways, the recomendations:

inside-out-poster-405x600INSIDE OUT | Disney · Pixar 

This movie is awesome. It’s about 5 emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disqust and Fear. They control a girl’s mind, she’s called Riley. Everything was fine, but one day, Riley and her parents moved from Minesota to San Francisco. Riley’s emotions went crazy and a bunch of crazy things happened. They had to deal with few problems. Will they survive to that change?

This novie is AWESOME it’s very cute, I liked it so much that I bought the book. And yes, that movie has a book, 3 actually. I bought the thickest one, the other 2 were for little kids. In the book, the emotions, tell the story by their point of view. I recomend you both things: the movie and the book.




MINIONS | Illumination Entertainment

Of course you know the minions. Maybe you haven’t seen any of the movies, but at least you know them, they litterally EVERYWHERE!!!! On T-Shirts, Comercial, PhoneCases, Apps…

The movie is about how the minions found Gru, the villian of the movies: Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. But before knowing him, they had to search for the perfect villian to work for. Because as the movie says, the minions were born for that, if they didn’t find the perfect villian, they would get extinct.

So, the main characters of this movie: Kevin, Stewart and Bob, took a trip to search the evilest villian in the world. But the villian they’ve chosen was not how they thought.





This movie is really cool. Of course, if you wanna see it and understand it, you’d have to see the other 4 movies.

The movie is about how John Connor sent  Kyle Reese tries to the past to save Sarah Connor from Skynet (Genesis) but he finds out that a reprogrammed Terminator, AKA The Guardian was already protecting her since her chilhood.

But there was something that went wrong, something they didn’t expect (as always, if not there wouldn’t be a part 5, 4, 3, 2…)





And no, it is not like Spiderman; a guy that has spider powers, It’s about a man that puts on a suit that allows him to shrink.

Sounds stupid (a man who shrinks), but Marvel know what it’s doing. And who’s the ANT-MAN? Well, the creator of that suit hired that a man (who’s a thief) for that job. Why did the man accepted that job? He didn’t have a job, his ex-wife told him that if he wanted to see his daughter, he had to have a home.

But he’s not alone,his friends, along with the  and his daughter are against soe people who want stop The World’s End and it’s participants.


So I hope you liked ⭐ my recomendations, I hope you watch the movies (at the cinema or at home) And see you later bye!

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