Stages Of Falling Asleep

Hey unicorns, minions, people, cells, woodchucks, bloggers, check this out: 😛 Anyways…

So everybody wonders: How Do I Fall Asleep? ❓ After nights and nights of falling asleep, I’ve come to the conclusion of How We All Fall Asleep (at least kids and adults, I think babies fall asleep in a different way). Ok, here we go:

The Normal Falling Asleep.

First (as everybody) you start thinking about lots of stuff like: how your day was, your crush, you remember that embarasing moment, the things you’ll do tomorrow, your boss (if you’re adult), thatsong stuck in your head, that song you hate to death… I can go on and on but this post would last hours. :/

So you’re thinking and thinking and you start doing something called (well I call it): drinking (it’s a mixture of dreaming and thinking, cool right??) so when you’re thinking you start seeing weird things like a dragon peeing in your bathroom, spiderman waiting at the door, your mom buying blue bananas…

And then after few moments, you’re dreaming in the cluds. Why Do I Know This??? Well, you notice all this happens when you’re tired but you can’t sleep: You start drinking (dreaming/thinking) and suddenly you wake up. I happens to me a lot in summer (weird right?) 😕

Tired People.

Well… When you’re tired, you fall asleep very quickly (I think babies fall asleep this way)

Again, you start thinking but you can’t think too much because you’re so tired that you instanly fall asleep. That’s all I know. 🙄

So that’s how you fall asleep. 🙂 😀

Facts About Sleeping.

Some of you are maybe thinking: I don’t dream, the truth is that you do. Scientists have noticed that all people have from 3 to 7 dreams per night, the problem is that we quickly forget them, also, every dream lasts from an hour and a half to 2 hours.  In the middle of the night, your body wakes up periodickly in something called microarousals, it only last a few seconds but occurs from 200 to 1000 times per night.

I hope you liked this post ⭐ and see you soon, bye!!! Have a great day!!!! XD

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