10 Things I Don’t Like

Hello everyone:

You know what? I’m a happy and positive person, but there’re some stuff I don’t like. Today, I was taking a look of posts I liked and I saw one called 10 Thigs I Hate (Pet Peeves) by GodlessCranium and I got inspired to do this post, make sure to check it out. Some of these examples are taken from his original post (just saying). Anyways:

WARNING: This post isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m just sharing my opinion with the people. Diversion3000 doesn’t endorse making fun of people. Any of the similarities between people in real life and my examples are totally coincidental. Thanks.









For the love of god, maybe this quotes are love quotes, but let’s be real: Do yoy really think your crush is gonna read all this? You must be kidding! Like bro: If you really need to tell your crush something important, then do it in real life cause this is awkward! Seriously, this looks like an essay I made for my English class at school las year. The worst thing is that almost everything they say are nonesense. Talk in real life people, don’t be stuck on the internet all day.

2. SELFIES: I’m not gonna talk about selfies today, cause I’ve already talked a lot about selfies in this blog. Wanna check one of the posts? Click here! Anyways, let’s go with the 3.

3. BIG-HEADS: You know those people who walk around at school like they own the place? Well, those are the worst people in the world! Like bro: You’re at school, you get horrible marks, looks like you didn’t shower in a month… And you have the nerve to walk like that? Like: some girls at my school go to school every day as if it was their wedding day.









Like dude: What on earth does this mean?? Is it the alien code? Minion code? What is this? People: don’t waste your time, if you have to say… THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Bro, stop chatting if you have nothing to day or not wanna text, just tell your friend you’re busy! This is a complete waste of time, no offense.

5. CELEBRITY NEWS: Like bro, who does care about what celebs do? Seriously, I don’t give a fish. Who cares is Shakira is pregnanat? Who cares if a group of paparazzi caught Sam Smith farting? (Well, that’s actually kinda interesting) Anyways, you know what I mean. I’d literally rather to be punched in the face. I mean, if you think about it, we’re just a punch of dumbs that are always wondering what rich people do (sorry but it’s true).

6. YOUTUBE DISLIKES: Honestly youtube, why did you have to invent this? Don’t you know the quote: “If you have nothing nice to day, shut up”? Why is this for? I mean, I don’t have a youtube channel (and I don’t want to), but I don’t think this was good idea.


-Hey Paul, I got nominated for the Happy Unicorn Award!

-Mmmmmm… Are those even good news?

Like bro, this guy got nominated for award and you say that? Come on, what’s wrong woth you? You’re so negative,Come here, let me just punch your face!!!

8. STORE QUIDES: Like bro: You just need to relax with your store promotions. They’re just like: Hi! My mane is Jessica, jus to let you know all the jeans are buy one, get the second free unincludin, this one, that, one, those ones over there and this one. I you have any questions, let me know!

I have a question. Who was the person who thought this was a good idea for selling more? Like this doen’t make people buy, this makes people not come again. Believe me.

9. MY PHONE SOMETIMES: Everytime I’m publishing something on my twitter, instagram… Just the moment I’m gonna click PUBLISH, th screen freezes. Seriously, iPhone, Microsoft, Android… Why do you do this? Do you do this in purpose? Do you do this to troll me? I’m publishing Important stuff, not playing Candy Crush!

10. ONIONS: I hate them, I love spaguetti, salad, tacos… And let me tell you something: In some restaurants, I tell the waitress not to put onion, and surprise: ONION!!!!! Please! Don’t put onion on them If I told you not to do it!!!!!

Anyways, hope you liekd this post ans see you next time (probably tomorrow), bye!!!!!!

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30 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t Like

  1. I only just got around to reading your post because I got distracted reading Godless Cranium’s posts. Thank you for linking him you are a GENIUS! 😀 Also, I love this list. I relate to it SO much 😛 :3 xD 😀 🙂 See what I did there? :/ 😦 Okay that’s starting to annoy me…

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  2. I’m agree with you on all the things. But what grinds my gears is our overly narcissistic generation. I mean there are narcissistic sticks nowadays!! Oops! I meant narcissistic sticks only! Awsum post BTW!

    Liked by 1 person

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