What People Really Mean

Hello people, bloggers, minions, unicorns, woodchucks, aliens and so on…

Ok, so people does this to us but we also do this to other people, this is like a cicle of lies. Today I’m gonna talk about what people really mean sometimes, and by sometimes I mean when they say something that doesn’t sound really convincing. It happens to us all. Hope you enjoy: 🙂 😀

I’m sorry I missed your call, I was in the middle of somehing: I’m in the middle of nothing, I just don’t wanna talk to you right now. I’m gonna send you a text saying I’m busy right now to make you leave me alone. :/

I’m so busy right now, maybe later: I’m tired in bed, wearing payamas, watching TV, tweeting about how busy I am and making TO-DO lists. I just don’t wanna see people right now. 😕

I’m not gonna tell your secret: I’m not gonna tell your secret to anyone… Except my mom, my boyfriend (if you have), my sister (if you have) and my bestie. Actually, If you tell me, you’re practically telling them. XD

LOL: Yeah, I got your message but I had nothing interesting to day. Honestly I didn’t laught, you know? I didn’t even smile. 😐

Hey! This taste different: What the hell am I eating?! This taste like like like my butt in salsa!!!! You know what? Next time, we shall order some pizza. 😡 👿

You look tired: Bro: You look like *crap*. Why do you think you could leave the house like this?! I mean, you look like something that comes from the drain. I even seems you didn’t shower!!! o_O

I’m sorry but I just got your message: I got your message about an hour ago, just the time you sent it. I just didn’t wanna reply and start a conversation because I don’t wanna talk right now. :/

I’m gonna take a nap: I’m just gonna scroll through my entire Twitter feed, favorite everything and tweet about how tired I am. Then I’m gonna play Candy Crush till I reach 10 more levels. Basically, I’m not taking a nap. :mrgreen:

Am I the only one who has dealed with this? Am I the only one who does this? I’ll take that as a yes. I hope you liked ythi post. ⭐ Have a great day and bye!!!!

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