Types of Friends Inlove

Hello evreyone:

Ok, so you muct be wondeing… What is she talking about?! Love is fantastic! ❤ Yes it is… But it becomes hell when your best friends are inlove. 😐 Believe me. The idea of a friend inlove seems cute but that’s not reality. The cute side of someone inlove only happens in the movies. Friends inlove can become really annoying. Today I’m gonna tell you 5 types of friends inlove (or at least 5 things your friends do when they’re inlove):

The G2 crush: Ok, just in case you don’t understand the title of this type of friend inlove, G2 is a type of star (the Sun is actually a G2 star) why did I put a star as a title? Let me just tell you why: G2 crush is like the crush is a star and your friend thinks everything spins around him/her. You’re talking to your friend about something and then your friend starts trying to introduce her/his crush to the conversation. For instance:

YOU: And then the alien leader beagan to kill people with his mind.

YOUR FRIEND: Yeah, Connor/Elsa (the crush) also has a mind.

Like friend: I’m telling you something really important about an alien movie, your stupid crush has nothing to do with this!

The useless awkward acting: Ok, so your friend’s crush walks around you and your friend, and then your friend starts acting awkward about the situation. For instance:

YOUR FRIEND: Yeah, so let’s do it on Mond… *the crush walks around and she/he makes an awkward pose to atract his/her attention*. 😎

YOU: *Waiting…* Ok bye, see you on Monday! ( 😕 )

Like dude: Your crush can’t see you! He/She doesn’t even noticed you’re here! Stop doing starnge things, it’s stupid!

The crazy crying stage: Your friend starts realising that her/his crush soesn’t know she/he exists. And then starts that silly crying. :/ For instance:

YOUR FRIEND: So I tried to takl walk around him to talk to him, and then… He went to the bathroom!!!! 😥

YOU: Well, maybe he needed to peed or something…

YOUR FRIEND: Well I need him! 😡

YOU: 😐 (Poker face)

You know what you need? Some common sense! 👿 Like friend! I’m trying to calm you down so I won’t hear your stupid rant anymore, why are you shouting me! I’ve done nothing to you!

The “calm” stage: Ok, so your friend starts to calm down and just thinks positive about the crush! It’s much better, but still kinda annoying. For instance:

YOUR FRIEND: So I’ve come to the conclusion that we are gonna have 3 kids! And also…

YOU: How do you know he wants that too? You’ve never spoken to him.

YOUR FRIEND: Don’t interrupt me! I’ve never done that to you!

YOU: Actually yes…

YOUR FRIEND: You just don’t get it!!!!!! 😡 👿

YOU: Ok… 😕

Oh men, it’s completely impossible to keep a normal conversation with you! You’re so stressed, you really need a hobbie. (So then you’ll leave me alone :mrgreen: )


The Love Inlove: Ok, so at last, your friend had a conversation with that misterious person (by conversation i mean 2 words: Crush: Hi Friend: Hi). And then doesn’t shut up, for instance:

YOUR FRIEND: Oh my gosh, and then he looked at me ans said: Hi! Ahhhhh. isn’t he sooooooo nice?

YOU: Everybody says hi.

YOUR FRIEND: Really? Anyway, he’s different…

YOU: Ok… ( 😮 help me!)

So here are the things friends do when they’re inlove. Irritating, right? Anyways, hope you liked this post, also hope you have a great day and bye!

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