The Worst Situations To Burp In

Hello everyone:

First things first, I read some of my posts and I really apologize for making so much spelling mistakes, I’m gonna try not to make more. I am dumb. I’ve had lots of things to do but I also wanted to post everyday so that’s why. For instance: Yesterday, I went to my friend Michael’s birthday, see? That’s why I couldn’t post yesterday.

Today I’m gonna talk about: The 5 Worst Situations To Burp In. I’m gonna tell you the 5 situations and then I’m gonna tell you what to do if that happens to you. Cause I am a giver (no). Shall we? Shall we? Ok:

On a family meeting: So this situation is awkward. But on the right side, you’re all family, relatives, no problem… It’s still awkward anyway. They maybe won’t say a word, but they’ll be judging you in silence.

What to do: You should apologize, go to the bathroom and don’t come back until the meeting is over. That always work: yes, I’ve farted in front of my family, what now?!

In class: Okay, this is the worst situation in which you can burp in. Seriously, how can people burp at loud in class?! I’ve done it but, what was I thinking about? It’s just so awkward… On the right side, I was 5 years old. I think teachers should punch kids in the face every time they do this.

What to do: Well, if you’re in this situation, you can… You know what? I have no idea of what to do, I think there’s no escape from this. But I’m gonna tell you what I did: I hid under the desk every time the teacher wasn’t looking.

With your friends: This is awkward, but nothing to do with the other situations. No problem. If your friends are nice and fun, you’re save; if your friends are posh and material, you’re in trouble.

What to do: If your friends are cool, say sorry and laugh; if your friends are posh, say sorry and tell them it was a joke.

At a store: It doesn’t matter if you’re paying or not, everyone around you, heard you. It’s just so awkward… What to say?! What to do?!

What to do: If you’re at a store like H&M or GAP, just apologize. If you’re at a store like Apple or Lacoste, apologize and runaway.

At a restaurant: If it’s Burger King or McDonald’s, no problem. If it’s an expensive one, see the right side, you ain’t going to jail.

What to do: If it’s Burger King or McDonald’s, just apologize and eat fast. If it’s an expensive one, apologize and runaway if you didn’t order already.

Wow, come to think of it, burping is really a problem. Don’t burp in public places people! Now: Has any of these things happened to you? What did you do? How are you still alive? If any of these situations didn’t happen to you: What would you do instead? Have you ever experienced any other awkward burping situation? Tell me in the comments, I wanna know.

I hope you liked this post and see you later! Bye, have a great happy and positive day! (Too much happiness, don’t you think?) Bye, have a great normal day!

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