Ridiculous Things My Friends Do

Hello everyone:

I’m sorry I couldn’t post in the past 2 days but I’m back here to tell you the most annoying and ridiculous things my friends do. (mostly in High School) Let’s do it:

REVIEWING PEOPLE (specially Teachers) FOR NO REASON: One day at school, my (super hot) science teacher wore a pink shirt like this one:










My friends were like: Have you seen enter name here ? He’s wearing a pink shirt! What a enter gay insult here ! (I’m sorry If you’re gay,actually I think it’s fine to be gay, but my friends are just really annoying Ignore them!) Like bro: You think that’s a big deal?! My cousin Alex has flower shoes! That shirt is nothing out of this world. (So don’t you insult my favorite teacher!)








You can’t be serious right now, you’re so ridiculous… Now for real, do you think it’s ok to wear a flower crown AT SCHOOL?! Some of my friends do. Like bro: Why on earth do you think you can leave the house like this?! Where do you think you are?! You think you’re at Disneyland dancing with Peter Pan?! (a kid who wears clothes made of leaves) This must be a joke! The science teacher must be so disappointed on you right now because you killed flowers to put then in your hair.

CRYING FOR LITERALLY NO REASON: Ok, my friends do this a lot. And I think this is the most annoying thing on the list. I have to admit that I passed though this as well, but don’t worry cause I’m smarter now. The literally cry every time they see they’re crush (their stupid celebrity crushes). Like girl: What do you think this is?! A romantic drama movie or something?!

My cousins have told me that drama is an acronym that stands for: Dumb Retards Asking for More Attention.

SHOUTING NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS: No matter if what you’re telling them is interesting or not… They shout! Like friend: No one has proposed me to get married, why on earth are you shouting?!

FAKE STRESS: Every time we have homework, they say they’re so stressed that they wanna die. Like bro: If you can’t do homework, how are you gonna act like in the real world when your boss sends you tones of work?! Shut up and do your homework for the love of god!!!

Friendships are weird, so weird. Anyways, hope you liked my post and see you next time, bye! Have a great day!

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22 thoughts on “Ridiculous Things My Friends Do

  1. Omg! My friends are so socially inappropriate as well! They don’t know when to stop being idiots and start being Ms. Tactful. And they’re oblivious when it happens. Me and my other friend give them ‘the look’ but they don’t care…… 😤

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