Annoying Things My Teachers Do

teachers rule the school (1)Hello everyone:

I was in WordPress and I realized my last post broke the record of 17 likes with a total of 22 likes! I also noticed that my science teacher (the one I mentioned on the last post) is gonna be the director this year! So that inspired me to tell you today the 5 most annoying things my teachers do at school… Shall we? Shall we? Let’s do it:

BEING ALWAYS LOUD: The other day (couple of months ago), my arts and crafts teacher put us some work (she wasn’t able to come that day) and the (hot) science teacher came (he also had to get some work done). I was sitting at the front of the class (in front of him, OMG) And let me just tell you everything he did… He was like:

*Damn*, I did it again! (punching the table) –  Like bro: Why you punching the table?! You almost made my glass of water fall! (we were painting with watercolor) If the next time you punch the table, you make the glass fall… You’ll eat my painting and make me another one!

Ok so 62 + 18 = 80

Singing: 28, 4, 50…

10th grade, bilingual students…

*Crap!* (punching the table… AGAIN!)

Argghh! (with creepy funny voice)

I could go on and on but this post would take years to read… Like bro: Teachers always tell us to be quiet while working, so shut up! For the love of god, the rest of the class is working too! You stupid!

BEING INCOHERENT: My social science teacher says she’s godless/atheist. My friends found her on Twitter! And did you know, that she follows someone called “God” on Twitter?! Like woman: Are you godless or brainless?!

MAKE EXCUSES: The other day, the music teacher told us he was going to the doctor that afternoon so he wouldn’t be able to check our exams. And guess what he did that afternoon? He went running!!!! Me and my friends saw him. Hey teacher, check the freaking exams for the love of god!!!

RAISE MARKS UNJUSTLY: My science teacher raises the bad student’s marks. (He’s so hot, why does he do this? *Fake crying*) If they cry, he raises their mark from a 3 to a 6!!! What The Freaking Fish?! But listen, he doesn’t put you a 10 if you got a 9. Seriously, he’s so dumb.

Like bro: You raise their marks just like your cholesterol raises in a year! Wow son, is that a superpower cause you kill it! I’m glad you can’t turn a 4 into a 10, that would be a crime! Grow up you stupid!!!! But other than that, he’s a great person! (rainbows)

NOT ACCEPTING OTHERS ARE PERFECT: My arts and crafts teacher never putted a 10, the maximum mark people can get is 9,99. I got that mark more than 8 times. Like woman: So you are the only one perfect here?!

So there you are, the 5 most annoying things my teachers do in class. Hope you liked this post, have a great day! Buy, I mean bye!

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21 thoughts on “Annoying Things My Teachers Do

  1. Let me add a point to that! They want us to be submissive they will never say that they are wrong, only we are. I have observed this that the teacher, even thought he/ she is wrong, hesitates to apologize! I mean, what is the DAMN hell is ur problem? Actually I know, you don’t have a mouth to apologize, its only visible and usable while screaming and COMPLAINING!! UGH!

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