Reasons Why I Hate Public Washrooms

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You know what? I love to go to all types of places: Cinema, airport, the Mall, big stores… But there’s something I don’t like: PUBLIC WASHROOMS!!!! So today, I decided to tell you about why I hate public washrooms and why they stress me in some way. XD Hope you enjoy:


Ok, so the lesson of today is gonna be about how to flush the toilet… Dear people: Why do you have to be so dirty?! Why don’t you flush the toilet?! Seriously, is there any reason why you can’t do it?

But the worst is yet to come… Seriously, believe it or not: Some ladies don’t flush the toilet ON THEIR PERIODS!!! 😡 Why ladies?! Why do you do this to me?! 👿 Some of you have depressed me for days! 😦 😥 I’m not gonna tell you the details because, obviously I can’t and also, I don’t think you’d like to hear it.

I don’t know what Gentlemen leave on the toilet seats but I don’t think it’s hygienic either. :/


Ok, so the reason why these toilets were invented is because the moment you stand up, the toilet flushes automatically so it doesn’t matter if you didn’t flush the toilet, because the toilet does it for you. But what if you stand up and it doesn’t flush… 😮 Then, panic begins!

You start sitting down and standing up and it does not work… You pass your hand around the sensor and it does not work… Once the toilet flushed, you go wash your wands.

But, the stress doesn’t end there: The faucet it automatic too. Why is it a problem? Let me just tell you why: You pass your hand around the sensor and it doesn’t work either, you start moving your hands like you want to hypnotize the mirror till the faucet works. Once it works, you go to the other side of the washroom to get some soap, the very moment you come back: Surprise! The faucet stopped giving water!!! 😕 o_O

Then you spend other 5 minutes activating it, you start washing your hands and the faucet stops in 3 seconds!!!! 😥 😡 Why?!?!

I can go on and on but it would last hours and hours…


Ok, let me get this straight… This is a washroom: you peed on it, poop on it, you do your gross stuff on it. Can someone explain me why girls stay in front of the mirror modeling and taking selfies in the mirror like it’s their house’s bathroom?! This ain’t no photography session, this is a public washroom people!!!!! I want to kill you nasty girls: >:D 😈

Well, maybe not kill them, cause one of those girls is my cousin. 😳 She thinks it’s cool to take selfies in the bathroom. 😐 Dear cousin: it’s just not.


Ok, this is the worst washroom in the world. The first time I got into one of those was a little like this:

Ok, so I got into the washroom, it was small as hell. Like I don’t have claustrophobia, but this was claustrophobic. Seriously, how do claustrophobic people deal with this? If you’re a claustrophobic person, tell me how you deal with this.

Ok, the moment I flushed the toilet, I heard a really loud sound from hell. I literally thought the plane was having several trouble. I was so scared that I didn’t even wash my hands (because, let’s be real: Who the hell washes their hands in a emergency?!). I got out of the washroom and everything was really calm. So I realized it was the toilet. ^^’

Bathrooms are really stressful. Anyways, these are the reasons why I hate public washrooms. Nothing like your home’s bathroom. Anyways, hope you liked this post ⭐ and also hope you have a great day! Buy, I mean bye!!!

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  2. Always check if there’s toilet paper. Fro men it is hard to explain why you have only one sock on when you leave the bathroom. Also men should check that the sink counter is not wet or it will get on your pants and it looks like pee pee and then none of the girls will go to the office Christmas party with you.

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