Scary Situations At HighSchool

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And I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, I was really sick. But it doesn’t matter because I’m better today! Today I’m going to talk about those moments at school in which you wish you were not there at that moment. Or at least I’m gonna mention some of the situations that happened to me.

When someone farts in class and everyone thinks it was you (but it wasn’t you): This happened to me at least twice in class. The history teacher gets really mad when these things happen. Okay, so someone farted in class and some of my classmates said that the stinky smell was coming from my desk. I mean; if I were them I would probably thought it was me, but I wasn’t I farted maybe once in class but it was at the break and I was alone picking my sandwich. Like people: Stop blaming others! What if the teacher thinks you hiding it was you?!

When the teacher is telling off and asks: “You got it?!” and then an anonymous person says: “no”.: The teachers just starts asking really angrily about who said it and that stupid person doesn’t say anything. I hate it, the teacher just looks at you like you were a demon or something. The worst part is when you appreciate that teacher. It hurts!

This happened to me once, but it’s not normal: The other day, one of my classmates threw a recorder backwards to the teacher. The worst part is… It was the hot teacher!!!!! Everyone was laughing, fortunately the recorder didn’t hit the teacher. But it was awful. I don’t know why but that was one of the moments in which it start thinking it was my fault, it wasn’t but feels like. It’s a strange feeling. I felt really bad about the teacher.

This situation is not normal as well: Few weeks ago, we were in the computer room and we were working in pairs. The classmate who I was working with was playing Minecraft and Happy Wheels with the kids next to us. One of the kids had the “brilliant” idea of going to an advertisement web page, something like Ebay. Anyways, they filled a contact form that would send an E-mail to the teacher saying if he was interested in buying an all terrain tractor. The E-mail was sent to the teacher about 5 minutes after that. I was really afraid that the teacher thought that I was with them. But he didn’t: Yaaay!!!

Awful right? My classmates are crazy with capital C. The thing I was trying to say with this is: No matter if all your classmates are laughing or making fun of a teacher, don’t laugh as well, it’ll make things worse. You’re not less cool just because you’re not laughing. That teacher isn’t a painting in the wall. Also, if you’ve ever had to deal with anything like this, feel free to comment and tell me!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve decorated my blog for Halloween!!! I know there’re still 2 or 3 weeks left, but it was so cool that I wanted to put it for the rest of the month but anyways… What do you think? Is it scary? Tell me also in the comments. I also decorated my twitter, wanna see it?: @diversion3000

P.S.: Tomorrow’s Tuesday 13, AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I wish you good luck!

I hope you liked this post and hope you have a wonderful day! Bye!

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4 thoughts on “Scary Situations At HighSchool

  1. The worst thing is when the teacher has to spend all their time dealing with the kids that are messing about, and then it makes it look like they don’t appreciate the ones who get it right. To all those sort of kids: your teachers do appreciate you even if they don’t get the chance to show it.

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    • OMG yes!!!!! That’s the story of my life in science class!!! The teacher always spends half an hour telling off, he should shout a little bit more. So true! XD Thanks for the comment! XD


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