Food on Planes: Ew!

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So I was thinking about stuff I don’t like and food on planes was trending topic in my brain. So I’m gonna talk about that today! I’m gonna tell you reasons why I hate food on planes.


You know those advertisements in which they tell you to fasten your sit belt, and things you have to do in case of emergency? Well, I’ve seen a few in which the flight assistant gives the food to the people and the people are smiling. Like what? Who the hell smiles when they get plane food? (Apart from aliens, maybe they like it.) I mean, you say thanks and smile to the flight assistant, BUT NOT TO THE FOOD!!!!


Now let’s talk about the food itself. If someone asked me to describe food in 1 word, I would say garbage. It’s not radioactive, it’s not dangerous, but it’s smells like it is. It tastes like paper. LIKE PAPER! How is it possible to make food taste like paper? Seriously, how do they do it? I hate that food so much that when I’m hungry and the flight assistant gives me the food, I stop being hungry. My hunger for food dies. The longest flight I’ve been to was an 11 hour flight, and I swear I haven’t been hungry in that period of time.


You know that moment when the flight assistant gives you the food and says: “Enjoy”? Yeah, well that must be a protocol because nobody enjoys the freaking food! Like woman: You don’t even believe that, do you? THB, I don’t understand how people want to work on planes if most of the food they eat is crap. They must be people who don’t eat much. I’m that type of people who eats a lot! I eat pretty much everything: Fish, meat, salad, bread, fruit, vegetables, dairy… But food on panes is I think my biggest weakness.

OMG, food on planes is awful. If you for some UNGODLY reason seem to enjoy food on planes then you’re wrong. I’m sorry, It’s true. JUST KIDDING! If you enjoy food on planes then your very lucky, you’re invincible. Nothing can stop you!

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time!

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22 thoughts on “Food on Planes: Ew!

    • You get salmon steak on a aeroplane?!? I usually get a sandwich and a little salad where the olives have something seriously wrong with then. The bread is just not right and the stuff inside the bread is something that you look at… look at again trying to figure whag they have done with it.. and then decide you can wait for your plane to land because you’re hungry but not THAT hungry!

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      • Yes, I did, with rice, biscuits with butter and jam, fruit salad, veggie salad, and any beverage. . There re 3 others on the menu… chicken, pork or beef. For breakfast, we had fried rice, omellete, chorizo ( sausage ), biscuits with butter and jam, fruit salad, muffin, and coffee. In between, we are given muffins, 2 hours after, hamburger. They are all delicious. But that’s on PAL on a 12 hour flight. We took American Airlines to London, and the food was horrible. Dinner was a slice of too sour pizza, and in between crackers . Nothing else… and to think it’s a 12 hour flight too, from San Francisco to London.

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      • I remember what we had because I took pictures of it. lol Asian and Middle East airlines are generous with food. That’s what I heard. They say Singapore Airlines and Middle Eastern meals are sumptuous.

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      • The food was horrible on British Airways… it was curry rice and some meat, and no snacks in between , just crackers, and peanuts, and it was also a 12 hour flight. I just slept it off.

        Most Asian Airlines and Middle Eastern’s meals serve generous, sumptuous meals. My aunt flew Qatar Airlines from the Philippines to London, and she said the food just kept coming.

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