Types of Nerds

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And by the title you should know I’m gonna talk about the TYPES OF NERDS there have always been and there will always be AT SCHOOL. Let’s do it, but first:

WARNING: This is not meant to insult anyone or be offensive with people. Diversion3000 doesn´t endorse insulting or making fun of people. Any kind of similarities between examples shown in this post and real life are totally coincidental. None of these situations in class are real, although maybe there is going to be a real example in this post. No people were harmed in the making of this post. All the examples of people shown in this post are invented. Thanks for your attention.

First things first, What’s a Nerd? Well, a nerd is a person who likes to study, but not only likes studying, he/she loves or even gets obsessed with studying and getting wiser. They always study, and when they’re not studying, they study even more. I think that nerds are lucky people, I mean, I you love to study you will never be stressed about studying or get pre-exam anxiety.

But don’t get confused: being nerd is not the same as being over skilled or simply being a good student. Now let’s start:


Does the word “robotish” exist? Well, never mind.

The robotish nerd is the type of nerd that can memorize exactly everything they’re reading or listening. I mean, they read a paragraph and then they repeat exactly what they read. It’s like a superpower. Pshh… they don’t read books, they scan books. They might look at the front page of the book, say: “Scan” and then remember everything in the book.


This type of nerd doesn’t allow anyone else in the class to raise their hand or volunteer in anything. They always have to raise their hand, they always know every answer and they sometimes even correct the teacher or talk to the teacher as if the teacher was dumb or simply as if they were smarter than the teacher. They never admit or face that someone has more knowledge than them about certain topic. Their crazy!

Like dude: I have one question; If Stephen Hawking came to school and give a speech about the universe or whatever… Would you have the nerve to not admit that man is way smarter than you? You disgust me.


This nerd would do anything that’s impossible to convince everyone in the class he’s/she’s not nerd. He/she knows he’s/she’s nerd but they would never admit it unless you gave them $. But of course you wouldn’t give them that money.

Like bro: It’s amazing you’re nerd, I wish I was nerd too. Everyone admires you in the class. ADMIT YOU’RE NERD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!


This nerd thinks he’s/she’s the teacher or even more authoritarian than a teacher. He/she would correct you on everything you say wrong. If you say that Mendeleev created the Periodic Table, he/she would correct you saying that Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was the person who created the Periodic Table of the Elements (which is pretty much the same as what you said).

Like hey: When did you turn into my science teacher!


This nerd is the person who everyone laughs at in class. This is pretty much what happens in the movies. They all want him/her to do their homework and you know what? That kid says yes! It’s awful.

Like friend: Gain some self-love!!!!! Or some common sense!!!

So these were the 5 types of nerds I know. If you think there is another type of nerd, please tell me in the comments. I would really appreciate it!

I hope you have a wonderful day and see you next time!

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