Christmas Interview (ft. Laura)

Hello everyone:














And today I’m here interviewing my friend Laura. Today’s topic is about Christmas!!!!!! After almost 2 weeks of telling you I would do it, finally I did it! Let’s do it:

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

Holidays, gathering with my family and breathing joy.

Oh, how cute! What’s the best gift you got?

My favorite gift was a canoeing oar.

What’s your favorite thing about holidays?

Not studying, not doing homework at all and resting all day long!!!!!!!

What do you think about the end of this year? (2015)

This year was amazing and I met lots of people. This year passed by really fast, but I also can’t wait for next year!!!!

Cold weather or hot weather?

It depends: When it’s cold, I can stay warm at home and when it’s hot, I can go to the beach. Kinda hard to decide…

When do you use to set up the Christmas tree?

More or less on the 16th December, my parents say it occupies a lot of space at home.

Do you spend your holidays at home or elsewhere?

Mostly at home, my cousins come to my house to see us!

And last but not least, are you excited about holidays?

OMG, yes!!!!! I can’t wait for these holidays!!!!!

Huge thanks to my friend Laura for accepting being in this post!

Before going I have a special surprise for you! You know that sign that says “Parental Advisory“?

Well I made this one that says “Blogger Advisory Awesome Content”:








Cool right? It came to my mind this morning when I was having breakfast.

And you? What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? Tell me in the comments, I want to know! Anyway, hope you liked this post and see you next time!

Peace out!

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