Types of People at the Movies

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You know what? I love going to the movies and I love going with my friends, my parents, my cousins, my auntie… But  you know what I don’t like? PEOPLE AT THE MOVIES!!!!! I mean, some people are okay, but some people are really annoying.



Ok, this type of person just annoys the entire cinema and everyone in it. This person picks their phone or even tablet and starts doing whatever with it. No matter if they play Candy Crush, text their friends, google stuff… They just annoy everyone in the place. The worst thing is, their phone’s brightness is so high that no one can watch the movie because the screen is dazzling everyone. It’s so annoying…

Like bro: If you’re so bored, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE PLACE!!!!!!


I think everybody knows this person, the typical person (mostly a woman) that starts talking out loud with the person next to them about pure nonsense. They’re like:

Did you know what she did to him? He’s so cute, he doesn’t deserve it.

Have you heard Focus by Ariana Grande?

OMG, hahahaha!!!! You’re so funny!

And don’t even make me thing about those couples that are always talking “sweet” and cuddling all the effing time!


This person is typically a man or a little nasty kid. They don’t care if this is the first or third time you watch the movie, they will tell you everything no matter if you kill them afterwards. They just everything that’s going to happen in the movie, just like:

Ha,ha… This is the best part, the bear is about to kiss the alien.

This movie is amazing, the bad thing is that the hot guy dies ant the end… (And all the people like: Shut the hell up!)


This person thinks they’re funnier than a professional comedian. They just spend all the effing time telling jokes to the person next to them. The worst is: This person tells the worst jokes in the world. Seriously, it seems they’ve chosen exactly the worst jokes to annoy everyone in purpose. They’re like:

Where do cows go on a date? To the moooooooseum! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (jerk face)

What did the spoon say to the jelly? Don’t get nervous!

This person just pisses me off. Anyways… NEXT!

Last but least: 5 THE POPCORN KILLER:

This person eats… AT LOUD! They pick one single popcorn and then eat them like they’re eating someone else’s pride. They just make so much noise… It’s really annoying. You know when the movie is so loud that it stuns you? Well, this person can make you not hear the movie at all. The worst part is… They interrupt you in the best part!!!!!!! Argh!

So those were the most annoying people at the movies. Hope you enjoyed!

And you? Have you ever dealt with any of these people? Is there any type of people I missed? Tell me in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “Types of People at the Movies

  1. Okay, so now that I have some spare time I decided to read a bit more on your blog. This one here. It reminds me so much of Superwoman from YouTube! I may or may not have read the entire thing in her voice. Also, I think I might be the joker because I laughed at your first bad joke example. XD Though let the record show that I try not to tell my bad jokes during the movies. But anyway, great post! I had a lot of fun reading this one.

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  2. I once went to the movies where the boys behind me decided to randomly chuck popcorn…during the best bits of the movies. Firstly I don’t appreciate you wasting food, and secondly dodging popcorn getting in my hair? No thanks xF

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