The Spirit Animal Blog Award!!!

Hello everyone:


Wow, it’s been two days since my last post, and some of you have even written 3 posts a day! Okay focus Ana, let’s do this…

So the AMAZING blogger partiallyendurablerachel nominated me for this award. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Let’s start with the Rules:

  • Once you’re nominated, put this picture in your post.



















  • Write a short description about yourself, and what your blog means to you. And if you were an animal, which one would you be?
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award!

Short Description: I’m Ana Regina (but I think everybody calls me Regina in WordPress as my username is regina5000). I’m currently 13 years old and I’m a very weird person. I love design (as you can see), music and food. I hate studying (although I do cause…duh!), spiders and snakes.

(This description was way shorter that I though…meh, I’m not good at descriptions)

What My Blog Means To Me: I started blogging in December 2013, that means my blog is 2 years old. At fist my blog was basically crap. I didn’t post very frequently, I posted in Spanish* and everything I posted was mostly odd and boring. Then I started posting in English (cause nobody posts in Spanish here and I also wanted to get more views) I also started posting more “relevant” stuff. I love blogging, it’s the best thing in the world, It’s amazing! These 2 years in WordPress have been amazing.

*I’m Spanish, English is not my main language (well…neither the second one, I only speak Spanish), actually I’m learning English. And TBH, it’s cooler to post in English, feels good!

WAIT! THE ANIMAL!!! Almost forgot it, I think I would be a Koala, cause they’re so cute!


Some of the have been already nominated…who cares? They freakin’ deserve it!!! That’s right! So thank you so much again partiallyendurablerachel for nominating me, you’re AWESOME!

Hope you liked this post and until next one! Peace out!

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