2015 Blogger Awards | My Nominations

Hello everyone:


So I’m back here to nominate the most wonderful bloggers in the blogosphere!!! (BTW, am I the only one who gets that red line under the word “blogosphere” while writing the post? Blogosphere is a word too!)

My nominations:

Blog of the year: I think teenagelunatics because she’s very original and I really enjoy her posts. BTW, does anyone know where’s teenagelunatics? She hasn’t posted in a while. Anyways, it doesn’t matter, her blog’s amazing and very inspirational. I even get inspired by her to write some of my posts.

Blogger of the year: I’ve thought a lot about it and Elm is the blogger of the year! Why? Well, I think it’s obvious, she’s AMAZING! Her blog is very motivational and she’s very mature, I mean, she’s always right on her thoughts!

Kindest Blogger: I think this category goes to tsb365 because she’s very kind, she nominated me to do AMAZING tags and I always appreciate her comments!

Inspirational blogger: I think ramexa because (I was about to write becuase) her poems really inspire me to write raps (yes guys, I rap).

Funniest Blogger: This goes to teenagelunatics as well. Read her posts and you’ll know.

Best photo taker: Caitlin from alittledaydreamer because I love her images.

Blogger who gives the best advice:  mmm…NEXT!

The newbie blogger: I think this one goes to typicalteenager123 who hasn’t also shown up in a while as well. I’ve really liked her posts!!!

Prettiest blog: I think maryam6661 because her blog is so pretty and clean. It feels like being home.

And that’s all! Those are the people I nominate, but remember; there’re lots of other amazing bloggers! Hope you like this post and see you next time!

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